Bottom line: MRI permissible if all conditions are met

Foley Catheter Temperature Probe

Safety:  Conditional

Risks:  Thermal


  • Foley catheter CANNOT be connected to the temperature monitoring equipment/sensor during MRI.
  • Disconnect removable catheter connector cable (if one is present) prior to MRI.
  • Position Foley catheter in straight configuration down center of patient WITHOUT ANY LOOP and insulate from the patient’s skin.
  • Static magnetic field of 1.5T or 3T only.
  • SAR cannot exceed 3.5 W/kg for 1.5T, or 3W/kg for 3T, for 15 minutes of scanning.
  • Monitor patient for symptoms of heating.

See also: Foley Catheters without temperature probes

Bottom Line: All conditions must be met to be MR permissible.