Bottom line: MRI permissible if all conditions are met

Orbital and Ocular Prostheses

Safety: Conditional

Risks: Thermal


  • Magnetic devices are contraindicated.
  • Implanted > 6 weeks: MRI permissible.
  • Implanted < 6 weeks: Defer MRI until after 6 weeks or consult radiologist. Confirm that the device is FDA cleared and comply with conditions of FDA approval.
  • Urgency and benefit of the clinical indication may outweigh the theoretical risk of MRI. This should be assessed on a case by case basis and approved by a radiologist.


  • Some orbital/ocular prostheses use a magnet to secure the ocular component to the orbital component. Patients with these prostheses CANNOT undergo MRI.
  • Most orbital/ocular prostheses do not use a magnet to secure the components and are therefore MRI permissible.

Bottom Line:

  • Do not perform MRI if there is a magnetic component.
  • If no magnetic component and implanted < 6 weeks, all conditions must be met to be MRI permissible.
  • If no magnetic component and implanted > 6 weeks, it is MRI permissible.