Bottom line: All conditions must be met to be MRI permissible.

Medtronic Synchromed Implantable Infusion Pump

Safety: Conditional

Risks: Device malfunction, Thermal


  • Ensure patient can be deprived of medication infusion during the MRI scan.
  • The pump MUST NOT BE oriented exactly 90° to the Z axis of the MRI scanner.
  • Static magnetic field strength up to and including 1.5T.
  • Horizontal bore MRI scanner only.
  • Verify pump settings are correct after scan completed.


  • The pump can become disabled or altered by the MR field and infuse a different amount of medication than indicated. The pump settings must be verified after the scan.
  • The conditions and comments only apply to the Medtronic Synchromed pump models. Prometra Infusion Pump is a different implantable infusion pump with different specifications.
  • Also Known As: Implantable infusion pump, drug infusion pump, Baclofen pump, intrathecal pump

Bottom Line: All conditions must be met to be MRI permissible.